17 September 2015

Autumn Tag

I love autumn. It’s my favourite season by a mile so I thought I’d find some autumn questions to answer!

1. Do you ignore fallen leaves on the pavement or step on them?

I step on them. All the time. They make such a satisfying crunch and stepping on them is very amusing (I’m a 5 year old at heart)

2. How close can you sit next to the fire before it gets too hot?

When it’s a cold and rainy day I can sit right next to it. However, I prefer sitting away from the fire and wrapping up with a ton of blankets; I find that a lot more comfortable and cosy.

3. Do you like your hot chocolate made from scratch or made from the package?

I’m a lazy teenager so definitely the packet haha!

4.What’s your favourite music to listen to?

In the autumn I like listening to relaxing music that can play quietly in the background whilst I’m reading a book as the rain hits the window. Artists such as Halsey, Plug In Stereo, FKA Twigs and Lana Del Rey are some popular choices for me.

5. Are you more active or laid back during the season?

Both. I tend to do a lot more in autumn because I enjoy the weather and I end up going out with my family more. But, I’m very laid back too. I spend less time stressing and worrying in autumn and more time relaxing.

6. Are you outside or inside more during autumn?

I think I spend around an equal amount of time inside and outside, I love both during fall.

7. Do you read more books during this season or summer?

Definitely autumn! I find it more fun to read and somehow have more time to do it. Also, for some reason I seem to get into books better.

8.How good are you at pumpkin carving?

Pretty damn fabulous…. I’m kidding, I wish I was great. I guess I’m quite good at carving pumpkins but compared to what some people do I am no pro.

9. What’s your best lipstick for fall?

My Kate Moss matte lipstick in shade 01 is my go to. I’ve had it since last year and wore it almost everyday throughout autumn and winter, yet still have loads of product left! It’s such a beautiful deep red, perfect for this season.

10. What’s your favourite thing about autumn?

I can’t name one thing, I love everything: Rain, hot chocolate, jumpers, boots, colourful leaves, bonfires, everything!



  1. This is such a cute tag! Autumn is my favourite season so I might do it myself. Thanks for sharing x