24 September 2015


5 Things That Make Me Happy

This world needs more positivity, and people need to be reminded of the amazing things this world offers. Here are a few small things that make me happy!
Nature is a beautiful thing and can put a smile on almost everyone's face. Sunsets are just one thing about nature that I love. They're so relaxing to watch and can instantly put me in a better mood. In every part of the world they are different (but amazing to see all the same). If you're feeling sad and it's nearing the evening of a sunny day watch a sunset, I'm sure it will make you feel a whole lot better.
I don't know one person who doesn't like to listen to a bit of music. Me... well I love it. Sometimes it helps me escape reality, sometimes I can relate to it, other times I can just sing or dance along and enjoy myself. I find that music can be used at any time. It's such a simple thing yet one of my favourites, and thinking about it makes me smile.
Hot drinks
Tea, coffee, hot chocolate. Just imagining these beverages is good enough. I don't quite understand how a drink can bring so much happiness to a persons life, but it does. People can get serious addictions to these drinks, I'm not kidding.
Dogs and Cats
I find that you either love one more than the other, however both are the cutest things. Most people will totally understand what I mean when I say that their existence makes me happy.

Burning Candles
If I'm in my room I will most probably have a candle burning. They smell amazing and I love how calm they make me. Whether I'm Reading, Painting, or on my laptop, burning a candle is always necessary. I don't think I could ever get bored of burning different scented candles because of how much I like them.





  1. "and people need to be reminded of the amazing things this world offers" so true! I'm also in love with candles and I always have some candles burning in my room because they make me feel very relaxed and calm and my whole room looks much more homely with candles :) And I agree with the other things also! All of those things you mentioned really make me happy :) This is an amazing post! I have written similar posts on my blog (but I'm not a good writer as you are) :))
    If you'd like you can read them here on my blog: http://emmxx.blogspot.com/

  2. Yes, burning candles is the best! Thank you so much, i'll be sure to check out your blog :) x